Willowbrook is committed to the safety of our students. All toys and materials in the classrooms are age-appropriate. Balconies used for sand and water play are enclosed, safe and secure. Locks on bathrooms are located out-of-reach from students. Teachers develop and implement safety rules in their classrooms. When the students go to the park, Willowbrook smocks are worn to easily identify our students. Students use safety rope handles to walk to and from the park. Our youngest students are transported to the park via buggy or stroller. We have a park guard on staff who assists each class in crossing the road on their way to Arisagawa Park across the street. As an added measure of security, the guard also stands at the entrance/exit gate to the small playground that our older students utilize during park time.

In the event of a fire or earthquake, the school will evacuate to Arisugawa Park. An earthquake and fire drill is practiced at least once a month with the children. All emergency notifications regarding evacuations and school closures will be posted on our website homepage and announced via Twitter and Facebook.

The land our building is situated on has received the highest stability and safety ranking from the Tokyo-to Metropoloitan Government. We are equipped with Emergency/ First Aid supplies, as well as enough food and water for everyone for 3 days. All staff participates in annual First Aid/CPR training. We have AED units (Automated Electronic Defibrillator) on site and all staff are trained in its use.