There are many aspects to Willowbrook that we love. The strong family and community connections are fabulous. It is wonderful to be greeted each morning and afternoon by the Director or the Assistant Director upon arriving at school as this creates a warm and friendly feeling throughout the entire school.

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A foundation is unbelievably important. Without a foundation, a start, a base, you wouldn't be who you are today. Willowbrook was my foundation, my home from when I was little, my start. Willowbrook enabled me to embrace life's endeavors, and try new things.

Chace Alexandra Pulley (14 years old) » read more

Willowbrook had many amazing programs and teachers that helped me learn many important things. The teachers were so kind and helpful. For example, one of the teachers read "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" to me because I enjoyed books and reading.

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I liked my teachers that I had in Willowbrook and I liked playing with my friends.
And also I really enjoyed the Sora Class, there I found many new friends!"
Alessandro Conzato (6 years old)

Over a four year period while we lived in Tokyo, our three children attended the very special Willowbrook International School opposite the baseball field in Moto-Azabu.

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We are a French/Swiss family currently living in the D.C. area. Our children are attending 6th, 3rd, 2nd and Pre K grades. All have made the transition extremely well,

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We believe WIS is an absolutely fantastic international school! After relocating to Japan a few years ago, we were actively looking for a school for our then three year-old daughter, Sophie.

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Three years at Willowbrook made my son what he is today
My son, Ryo Abekawa, attended Willowbrookfrom2006 starting from Umi-Class, 2007-2008 in Tsuki-Class, and graduated from Hana-Class in 2009.

Hisahiro Go Abekawa/Father of Ryo Abekawa » read more

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