We believe WIS is an absolutely fantastic international school! After relocating to Japan a few years ago, we were actively looking for a school for our then three year-old daughter, Sophie. We were hoping to find a place which would allow her to appreciate amazing Japanese culture while remaining as diverse as possible, and without compromising on academic skill development. After reviewing a dozen international preschools, we were still not able to make a choice, as they all had important benefits but none met our expectations perfectly. But when we found Willowbrook, and learned more about it, we realized that we don't need to look any further! During the two years of Sophie's tenure in the unique Dual Immersion program she grew up tremendously. Particularly, the benefit of the structured mixed age classroom environment proved to be very effective for her development. The school helped enhance her active curiosity to the world around us, and provided her with tools to explore and enjoy it. Now, after graduation, Sophie is still frequently remembering the school fondly, and continues to meet with many good friends she found there. We did recommend Willowbrook to several colleagues and friends, and every one of them is happy they joined. Their children of different ages love coming to school every day, just as Sophie did. You can't go wrong with Willowbrook!

Alexey and Alla Orlovsky
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