International School

Willowbrook International School offers an inquiry-based international curriculum that is engaging, relevant, challenging and fun.



Inquiry-based learning


English classes for 1.5-5 years old


Bilingual classes for 2-5 years old


Multi-sensory learning




  • 13th and 14th - Evacuation Drill at Arisugawa with Parents
  • 21st and 22nd - Professional development day - no school for children

  • October

  • 13th - Sports Day
  • 16th - No school
  • 27th - Sports day rainy day plan

  • November

  • 23rd and 24th - Parent Teacher Conference

    • "The teachers are amazing and I love the atmosphere at Willowbrook.... I feel welcome whenever I pick up my kids."

    • "The kids are prepared for almost any emergency. I'm less worried about them if something were to happen. I know they're in good hands."

    • "The director is so passionate and committed. Every morning she welcomes the kids and parents, and her warmth and caring set the tone for the whole school."

    • "The teachers are what make Willowbrook. They are all kind, caring, and take pride in their work."

    • "The Dual Immersion program is what drew us to Willowbrook. My daughter started on a Japanese day and didn't speak a word of Japanese. When I picked her up, she was so happy!"

    • "I love how much the teachers share with parents. Whether it’s what activity, something funny, or ...their teaching methods, they are an open book."

    • "The art program at Willowbrook is innovative and amazing. The school lights up with color, texture, and energy from their art displays."

    • "The first thing that shines through is the incredible warmth conveyed by the entire staff! They really and truly care about nurturing the children...."

    • "Willowbrook made our move to Tokyo so much easier. The staff and parents are so welcoming and our children settled into their new school much faster than anticipated."

    • "Ms. Ikuyo is a real professional. She always cares about the Willowbrook kids, families, and teachers, which gives the school such a warm atmosphere."

    • "Our daughter has thrived at Willowbrook. The breadth of activities across Dual Immersion has been incredible. It's lovely to see her absorbing new cultural experiences."

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