Willowbrook International School was founded in 1998 by Ikuyo Maeda and visionary early childhood educators who sought to create an optimal environment for young learners of all nationalities. As a result of our past and present teacher efforts, an integrated curriculum was created with an emphasis on human values, interpersonal skills, and a broader understanding of various cultures. With the cooperation of conscientious and caring parents whose support has been integral in our development, we are a community of dedicated learners. Children, parents, teachers, and staff learn from each other, actively seeking and exploring ways to deepen our awareness and understanding of the world around us. At Willowbrook, our mission is to plant the seeds of wisdom and nurture them in each child so that each one can become a well-rounded individual who shines in his/her chosen pursuits -- One who can lead others to work together in harmony for the good of society. One who can become a dedicated, responsible global citizen with respect for the diversity of backgrounds and cultures in a global community. Together with the children, let us grow as a learning community and carry through with the spirit of Willowbrook into the future.

School Philosophy

We feel honored and take seriously the responsibility to provide children with their foundational, early-school learning environment. We value the opportunity to share many firsts in your child's development, from developing trust to separating from family at the beginning of the school year to reading first words. It is our main objective to enable our students to become responsible members of society with respect for one's self, one's community and one's environment as exemplified in our five value pillars.

Five Pillars of Willowbrook

-Confidence We believe that the best environment for learning and development is one in which children gain self-esteem and confidence in their abilities at an early age. From a well-articulated five year old singing loud and proud for all to hear at our Spring Concert to our youngest students saying their name for the first time during morning circle time, our endeavor is to make these moments a model for how our students will function in future classrooms and in life.

-Creativity We foster creativity by providing the canvas and the tools for children to create their own world. We nurture the creative process through which children observe and make meaning of their experiences. We believe nature plays an integral role in early childhood discoveries. Therefore, our curriculum provides activities for the children to interact with nature and our close proximity to Arisagawa Park is ideal for exploration.

-Compassion Each child comes to us with unique gifts and emerging talents. Just as cognitive, creative, motor and language acquisition skills are all important, so too is social and emotional development. We feel it is important to teach our students character building values (e.g. friendship, honesty, kindness, patience, etc) in an easy to understand way. As a result, we are equally excited when a child exhibits the first signs of cooperative play or offers to help a peer, resulting in relationships of trust with teachers and fellow students.

-Global Citizens Willowbrook is committed to providing a multicultural and multi-ethnic environment. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, marital status, or family lifestyle. We take the individual needs of each child into account regardless of background or ability. We see each student as a responsible global citizen and future leader.

-Learning Community Through a collaborative effort among students, peers, parents, teachers and staff we provide the supportive framework to allow our students to exceed beyond all expectation. Our teachers are facilitators that assist, motivate and inspire students in a nurturing, safe and happy environment. As educators, it is our responsibility to become experts in our field of early childhood education, and to share our knowledge to raise the standard of education in our international community and throughout Japan.