Willowbrook International School is a learning community where parents, teachers, and staff collectively contribute to the children's education. Since 1998, we have celebrated the diversity of our multicultural community with families from more than 30 different countries. As a uniquely close-knit community, we here at Willowbrook have proudly maintained relationships with many alumni and their families throughout the years.

As the Founding Director of the school, I strongly believe that it is our mission as a school to plant the seeds of wisdom in every child. Together, we build and nourish the nutrient-rich soil of confidence, creativity and compassion from which our children grow into responsible global citizens of the 21st century.

At Willowbrook, we encourage children to question, to listen, to be independent thinkers, to be imaginative and to be creative while living with others in harmony. Our warm, highly-educated and committed staff will work in partnership with you in your child's learning journey. Willowbrook's curriculum has been created and revised based on innovative research in early childhood education, best practices and our cumulative experience working with young children and families from various backgrounds. Our goal is to stimulate and challenge each child to thrive socially, emotionally and academically.

Through this website, you will begin to feel the creative energy of our dedicated learning community and the stimulating learning environment that is Willowbrook. We encourage you to visit our school to see our mission and goals in action.

Ikuyo Maeda
Founding Director