Family Circle (the WIS Parent Teacher Association) was founded in 1999. All WIS parents are members of Family Circle. Caring, creative, and proactive parents contribute their time, talent, and effort to this organization. The entire Willowbrook community benefits from their tireless and earnest work.

As Willowbrook parents, you have many opportunities to get involved. You can attend monthly meetings, join or lead a committee, support specific events and activities throughout the year, and/or become a room parent. Committees include:

Book Club

Coordinate book orders, promote use of the Willowbrook library, and oversee book lists.


Manage the Willowbrook newsletter and social media updates.

Dad, Mom and Working-Mom Events

Plan social events and education opportunities for parents.


Welcome all new Willowbrook parents through events and support.


Select non-profit organizations that will benefit from various Willowbrook fundraising activities, and plan bake sales and the annual art auction.


Choose classroom photos and manage the creation of the yearbook.

Room Parents

Partner with teachers to coordinate events and support classroom activities.