Willowbrook offers seasonal camps during the holidays under the direction and management of Willowbrook teachers. Staff members alternate teaching days during camp with assistance from substitute teachers, if necessary. Students explore the pleasures of the seasons through thematic, play-based programs. Willowbrook and non-Willowbrook students may attend these camps. The programs are offered for Regular/English classes as well as Dual Immersion classes. The camps include:

-Winter School - 1 week in December

-Spring School - 1 week in March

-Summer School - 8-9 weeks in July/August

Classes run from 8:15am to 2:00pm and have the same general schedule as the classes that run during the school year. Parents should be aware that the teachers and students in the classes may change daily, so children who have difficulty to new environments, mixed-age classes, or schedule changes may not be suitable for this program.